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I had a great time with Cindy MacMillan on her podcast Exploring the Seasons of Life.

Thank you for the opportunity!

“Aim for emotional wholeness. When you’re upset or feeling sick, try to get to the bottom of your feelings. Figure out what’s really eating you. Always tell the truth to yourself. Find appropriate, satisfying ways to express your emotions. And if such a prescription seems too challenging, seek professional help to feel better." ~ Candance Pert, PhD

"It is my great pleasure to introduce Deyna Phillips.

Deyna is a Master Emotional Wellness Coach specializing in anxiety and emotional flow mastery. She is a Certified Health & Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, and Domestic Violence Specialist. Deyna works with people throughout the country helping them embrace their anxiety and emotions so they can feel confident and empowered to live life by their own design!"

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