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Help  With  Anxiety

How Can Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching Services Help With Anxiety?

As a personal development coach specializing in anxiety coaching our focus is specifically goal-oriented in helping our clients master their emotions to feel confident and empowered to overcome anxiety through a series of holistic skills. Coaching is not a replacement for traditional therapy, mental/medical care, or prescriptions. We encourage our clients to continue their current medical/mental health treatment plan and inform their current therapist/healthcare provider once they sign up for a coaching program.

An anxiety coach can help by teaching you tools, providing coping skills, and building self-empowerment to help you reach your goals. You will learn the root cause of anxiety and discover patterns that can be debilitating. Having an anxiety coach can help pinpoint the cause of suffering and work with you to develop positive coping skills that can result in newfound freedom and empowerment. 

We service clients not only in the Orlando, Florida area but also throughout the states via Zoom Conference Calls.  Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching Services is owned by Deyna L. Phillips, CHC, CLC, CAMS. Deyna is a Certified Health, Life Coach, Anger Management Specialist, and a proud member and national provider of the National Anger Management Association. She specializes in personal development for anxiety sufferers and is a survivor of anxiety and depression. As a personal development coach, she helps her clients identify the root causes of their anxiety and help them achieve a life of peace, fulfillment, happiness, and confidence. 

If you are struggling with anxiety, we can help you discover your core needs, build emotional intelligence and literacy, and help you set realistic, positive goals to help manage your anxiety. Deyna can help you understand what your anxiety triggers are and teach you self-awareness through mindfulness meditation and breathing. This specialized coaching program not only helps you manage your anxiety but helps you release old limiting beliefs and assists you to cultivate new healthy habits. 

If you want to rebuild your foundation from the point of love, health, and power, you can learn to create and master healthy boundaries and practice compassion with a personal development coach. Getting help with anxiety means you'll have to do the work. But you won't be alone when you go to Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching Services. 

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