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The Clarity Plan

Experience the exhilarating sense of FREEDOM as you embark on the journey to STEP INTO the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Embark on a 16-week transformative experience with structured 1-on-1 coaching sessions, carefully crafted to develop a customized transitional plan, coaching tools, and actionable assignments between sessions.

PHASE 1 - Introduction, Identification

PHASE 2 - Strength and Identity Building

PHASE 3 - Integration and Development Process

PHASE 4 - Release and Reclaim through Emotional Cellular and Mindset Reconditioning

What to anticipate during this empowering journey:

  • Identify the specific types of anxiety you are dealing with

  • Uncover your core needs and their role in your anxiety

  • Understand triggers and their underlying reasons

  • Craft a life of focus and direction, gaining clarity and confidence in your decision-making

  • Benefit from mindset coaching

  • Master the art of goal setting and embrace the valuable lessons from the Art of Failure

  • Dive into Life Design 101

  • Explore meditation and conscious breathing techniques

  • Develop a compelling vision for your transformation and its profound impact on your health and life

  • Acquire tools and techniques to empower you in reclaiming your life from anxiety

As a valuable participant, you'll also receive:

  • A Welcome Packet

  • Exclusive discounts for future events

  • Access to virtual workshops throughout your program

  • Weekly assignments to keep you engaged and progressing

  • A Completion Award and a special personalized gift

Unlock the doors to transformation with an investment of $1,897.00 in the Clarity program. Elevate your journey further with our flexible options, including budget-friendly monthly payment plans and exclusive discounts. Your path to personal growth has never been more accessible.

Moreover, coaching sessions can be conducted either in-person or through Zoom conferencing, ensuring flexibility to suit your preferences.

Step into this transformative experience and unlock the best version of yourself, accompanied by valuable resources and unwavering support.

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