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North Star Life Mastery Program

Your beacon of hope, love, and light. 
Guiding you to freedom and the life you dream of!
Feeling lost and looking for direction in your life...
In a cycle of  unhealthy habits, relationships, negative thoughts
Ready to start over, but not sure where to begin... 
Ready to break through that glass ceiling...
This is the perfect program for you!
Life Mastery is the perfect blend of our Clarity program and Health Coaching, with the added benefits of healing your relationship with money and help you create the life you love! This program guides you step by step to cultivate a life based on your core needs, helps you with your healing, and gives you the confidence to live life by your own design. 
20 Weeks of structured 1 on 1 coaching sessions fit around your specific needs
Phase 1: Life Essentials (4 weeks)
Phase 2: Self-Awareness (4 weeks) 
Phase 3: Health Coaching (3 weeks) 
Phase 4: Finances and Goal Setting  (4 weeks)
Phase 5: Life Design (5 Weeks) 
                    What to expect:
* Identify your life essentials/core needs
* Learn Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Literacy, and Communication skills
* Healthy dietary habits: emotional eating, body image, positive food relationship
* Discover your financial blocks and how to remove them
* Proper goal setting and learn the Art of Failure
* Life Design 101 -creating a life you love on your own terms
* Clearing blocks from the unconscious mind 
* Mindset coaching
* Develop positive habits
* Improve relationships
* Anxiety and stress management
* Accountability and structure on a personalized plan
* Weekly exercises to keep you motivated and on track
* Unlimited Email support
* Weekly Zoom video calls 
* A personalized gift at the end of the program with a completion award
* Free copy of my Harmony Workbook
* Plus more
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