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March-ing into Spring...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Happy March 1st! :-)

Spring Equinox will soon be here...Mother Earth will be in her glorious full is really a beautiful time of the year.

Spring time for our house usually means some deep in house cleaning. I'm talking pull down all the curtains, get behind the appliances, move furniture around, wash down the walls and borders type get down. The house feels so much lighter. We purge some things that we may have thought we needed.

There's another type of cleaning that I have found helpful...the internal kind. No, not gastrically...although...nevermind...but I'm talking about the cobwebs of pain and beliefs in my heart and spirit that have been sitting there gathering dust and trapping pieces of my happiness and opportunities without me realizing it.

I have decided to take this opportunity to check in with myself and see what needed cleaning or tidying up. What needs to be looked at, updated, lowered, raised, or just plain released? Where can I make upgrades? How can I increase the value of my mental and spiritual home? That's really the most important investment. When we neglect to take care of our home, things begin to break down. The appearance inside and out looks tired and worn. Our body is no different. If we do not take the time to invest in our own wellbeing we begin to feel the same way. Eventually the neglect becomes a liability, costing more in the long run to fix verses maintain.

Although the liability part is a little different, the concept is the same. We become a liability to our own self by self sabotaging. We get lost behind mental blocks and play small.

I invite you to take some time to check into your internal house...see how you can invest in your own wellbeing. What upgrades can you make today to increase your energetic vibration (and your "value")?

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Blessed Be.

Deyna Personal Development Coach

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