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Mental Health Tip

It can feel like it...we will own our diagnosis. It will become who we are, and how we can impact every decision and we support that diagnosis with behaviors and feelings.

I challenge my clients to see their anxiety as something that happens for them. To separate themselves from that personality.

What's scary and wonderful is that maybe you don't know who you are because you have been your diagnosis or some form of the diagnosis for so long, that anything else is terrifying.


But it's also wonderful. YOU GET TO create the person you want to be outside of your diagnosis.

YOU GET TO reclaim your life and love yourself in healthy ways.

YOU GET TO move from victim to survivor and then to thriver!

Today...this very moment...what would you do if your anxiety went on a break for a day...what about two days...what about a week? What could you accomplish!?? THAT'S the real you!

Step into that. Own it. RECLAIM IT!

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