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Protecting my peace...

Over the last few years I have become extremely protective of my peace and what that means to me.

Recently, I was having a conversation with some of my girlfriends about this. We were talking about who we allowed in our space and how peoples energies influenced, not just our moods, but also our lives. If we surround ourselves with toxic people, the devasting impact that can have.

For me its more than just protecting my peace from negative or toxic people…for me it’s also what I feed myself; mind, body, and spirit.

I have become very conscious about what I watch (videos, shows/movies, etc.), what I listen to, and what I read. All those things have an impact on me…my mood, my thoughts, my energy.

I became very selective of the people I follow on social media and the post that show up on my feed. I cleaned out all political post, unfollowed people that only post…or many of their posts was negative based. My peace became more important than trying to ignore and scroll past things I didn’t want to see. My peace became more important than trying to defend my right to have peace. My peace became more important than having to constantly justify my thoughts or opinions.

I have gracefully bowed out of those scenarios. I don’t give anything that does not feel good to my spirit time or energy anymore.

My peace is too important.

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