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The Seeds of Healing

So often we are afraid of the darkness. We are afraid of the unseen, the unknown. The monsters under the bed. We are afraid to go there because of the pain we anticipate it causing.

Some of the biggest growth happens in the darkness. Some of our greatest healing comes when we close our eyes and open our hearts to healing. When we close our eyes to pray. When we close our eyes to meditate. When we close our eyes at night to rest and recharge our bodies and give into the night. The darkness is when the stars can shine. The darkness is when the moon shows her strength in any phase. Even though you may not see all of her, she is still whole...she is still complete. She knows she is not less because parts of her are hidden. She is still secure in her wholeness. She does not fear the darkness, because she knows when it is time to shine... when she can completely reveal herself, the world stops for a moment...and is in awe of her beauty and power. The darkness is only temporary. The darkness allows parts of her to rest.

When we plant seeds, they are small and vulnerable to the world. How much different are we? Darkness oftentimes exposes our vulnerability. Making us feel small and weak. The tallest and most majestic trees all began as seeds. They too were planted in the darkness. They too needed to be nourished to sprout out from the ground. As they grew taller, their roots grew deeper, bearing down into the earth and learning to withstand the storms as they rained down in fury. And as the winds of time and change carried their fruit off the branches...pollinating the earth with new seeds to grow... the trees stand tall, withstanding the circumstances around them. Providing relief from the unforgiving sun and heat, home to nature around them, and protection to those smaller and more vulnerable. They selflessly give to all in need, but still allowing time to grow not only above the surface but below as well, still growing in the darkness. Their roots expand across the earth while above they grow stronger and taller. How much different are we?

I offer you this thought...embrace your darkness and grow through it. Visualize yourself as the seed from the tree...providing protection, bearing fruit. Embrace the darkness around your roots so you too may grow deeper and stronger, so when the storms come you can remain planted deep into the earth. And even though the storms may blow off some branches, and leave us feeling naked and vulnerable because all the leaves are now scattered all around us without a way to put them back, the roots are nourished by the rain. New leaves grow. New branches are formed. New life has emerged.

Blessed Be.

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