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Top 5 Self-Love Tips to Help with Anxiety

One thing I learned about having anxiety is self-love is necessary for my healing. For years I struggled with loving myself and trying to live up to someone else's image as well as an image of perfection I created. The process of healing is not linear and self-love helps me get through day-to-day life. Here are my favorite top 5 self-love tips to help with anxiety.

  1. Three Minute Breathing Affirmation- 1. Breathing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to manage anxiety. By taking control of our breath we tell our body to slow down and relax and we give our mind something else to focus on besides the anxiety that's taking over at the moment. One technique I like to use with my clients is to have them voice record 2-4 of their favorite affirmations in their own voice. Listen to the affirmations while taking slow deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose allow your stomach to expand and exhaling through the mouth. Release the tension in your fingers and shoulders and soften your face muscles. Repeat the breathing while saying the affirmations softly for three minutes or longer if you can.

2. Journal- Journaling has been proven to help anxiety. You can track triggers and symptoms of anxiety as well as use journaling as a great venting tool releasing emotions that get suppressed. Having journal prompts also gives your unconscious mind something to work towards. Here are some great journal prompt ideas for journaling:

a. List 5 of your best qualities

b. List 3 positive ways you have changed in the last 3 years

c. Set a daily intention

3. Get MOVING! - Yoga, dancing, walking, zumba...whatever moves YOU, let it MOVE you! Putting the body in motion always feels awesome. It is a great way to release energy and stay in shape. Not only does it help our mental health, but it helps keep us physically healthy by boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, strengthen our muscles, and helps circulation. So cue the music and let's dance...

4. HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! - Yup, show yourself some love every day by drinking plenty of water. Water actually does the brain (and body good). Water gives us energy and helps us focus. It hydrates cells and organs and regulates body temperature. Taking care of our bodies is so important in self-love. When our bodies feel good we feel good. We can manage our emotions easier.

5. Water Therapy- Water is such a great way to help with anxiety. Light some candles, draw a warm bath, add some rose petals, and lavender to the water. Soak and reeeeelax. What better way to settle down than with a soak in the tub. If you're like me and your home doesn't come equipped with a tub or you're just not a fan, showers work just as well. A steamy shower while doing some deep breathing works wonders. Imagine you're washing away the stress, watching it go down the drain. Play some soft music and light some candles. If you are in public and you feel the anxiety mounting, find a restroom and wash your hands and face with cold water. This will

One of the greatest lessons I learned (the hard way because truth be told I can be stubborn) is self-love and self-care is not selfish. I know it sounds cliche, but if we don't take the opportunity to take care of ourselves and show ourselves some love, we cannot be in service to the ones we love. We are only giving them a worn-out version of us. We grew up with the mindset of putting everyone first. That only burns you out and makes you depressed, resentful, and angry. Give yourself permission a few times a week to take a minute for yourself. What are some of the ways you can show yourself love this week?

Let's break the cycle and patterns that haven't been working because it's something we are used to. You are you're greatest love story. You deserve healing. You deserve love. Let it begin with you.

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