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Ritual Candles

Herb Rolled and annoited- Self-Love, Cleanse & Purification, and Protection Candles. 


Ritual Candles-4 inch candles

  • 4-inch candles set of 3


    • Black: Binding, protection, removing bad energy
    • Pink: Emotional healing, self-love, affection/nurturing
    • White: Full Moon Magic. cleansing/purification, peace
    • Purple (dark): Intuition, wisdom/healing, spirit communication
    • Lavender: Psychic growth, divination, spiritual development
    • Blue: Health, tranquility, patience, psychic awareness
    • Brown: Working with animal health, earth riches, attracting physical objects
    • Green: Prosperity, luck, changing direction or mindset
    • Red: Passion, sexuality, strength/power, courage, driving force

    ***DISCLAIMER- these candles are rolled in herbs and other ingredients that can be prone to catching alight and has the potential of flickering and spatting. These candles should NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED OR BURN NEXT TO OTHER FLAMMABLE OBJECTS!! Keep a metal spoon nearby to press out any rogue sparks.

    Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching, owner or employees accept no responsibility for careless use of these or any other candles sold on this site or any other location, physical or otherwise (including online shops/webpages or sites alike). 


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