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Deyna L. Phillips, CHC, CLC, CAMS, DVSI

Over 20 years ago I left my home in Brooklyn with, my then-husband, and young children to move to South West Florida after my mother passed away.  Life quickly began unraveling for me and my family. Eventually making the heart-wrenching decision to leave, I questioned everything...  Could I make it on my own? Should I just stay for the children? Even though the environment became toxic, my children deserved to have a home with both parents...right??? Every thought and move I made was stressful and anxiety consumed me. Five years later I made the move again with my children to Central Florida. 


Guilt plagued every part of my life and my anxiety was at an all-time high. Every decision I made good or bad was fueled with doubt and anxiety. Depression set in. I had a stable career but now I was in a new town, making less money. I was barely making rent. I didn't eat at home to make sure my kids had enough and the lights stayed on. Most days I only had a can of soda and some crackers. I was alone, scared, and lost.


The next few years continued to be challenging. I was in a cycle of abusive relationships (emotionally, mentally, and verbally) while trying to protect my children and raise them on my own.  I was living three lives. One as a dedicated, motivated employee at my office. One as a strong, confident mother who has it all together, and one as a scared, beaten down little girl wanting to be loved and needed. No one saw that little girl. It took years of hard work and commitment to myself and my healing. I dived deep into my spiritual path and self-help books. Reading and, to some degree, psychoanalyzing myself and my history, so I can change my future and my children's future. I peeled away the labels of "NOT GOOD ENOUGH", "BROKEN", "DAMAGED", etc, and I trashed them. I created a new me. Healthy outlooks that felt good and authentic for me.  

Eventually, I went back to school and dedicated myself to helping others like me. Those who had gone through war and are still standing ready for a new life and ready to help themselves and others. I am a lighthouse, helping others in from the storm. 

I now have a thriving coaching practice, own my own home, and live a happy, fulfilled, peaceful life with my husband, who is an absolute God send. My children are now successful adults in their respective careers. I am so proud of the humans they are. I found peace. Created an environment to support it. I didn't find myself, I recreated myself.  I learned how to master emotional flow. 


My journey through stress and anxiety led me to build a foundation of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth that has led me here to you today. If you need a testament that things can change, I say YES! If you need to know if you can do it, I say YES! If you want to know if you are worth it, I say HELL YES!! I AM MORE than a SURVIVOR! I AM A THRIVER and YOU CAN BE TOO!

I CHOSE to make anxiety my superpower!!! I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF HEALING!


It is an honor to serve my mission in helping men and women find their path to an enlightened life, filled with happiness, success, and the greatest love of their life. I believe you can recreate your life, take control of your stress and anxiety, and live a free and peaceful life. 

I believe it because I live it every day.  Reclaim your life today! 


Deyna L. Phillips, CHC, CLC, CAMS, DVSI

Master Emotional Wellness Coach

Deyna L. Phillips

Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, Certified Domestic Violence Specialist

Founder & Owner, Master Emotional Wellness Coach

Deyna L. Phillips is the Founder/Owner of Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching Services. Deyna is also an author, herbalist, and intuitive.

Deyna began following her passion in 2014 producing a successful line of organic herbal body care.  Finding her passion for guidance and education through herbal alternative body care soon called to a path of service and healing during that time.  Many of her clients were drawn to her for intuitive guidance, which soon led to Holistic Life and Health Coaching. 

As a Coach and trauma survivor, Deyna's s passion is to help her clients identify their anxiety blueprint that leads to patterns and old beliefs that bring on stress and anxiety and help them to create a strong foundation of self-love and self-worth. Deyna has created an extraordinary three-step method, The Power of 3, to help her clients recreate a successful life of balance and meaning and to be a testimony that anxiety can be our superpower versus our personal villain. 

The Power of 3 method: Identify, Integrate, and Release incorporates methods from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as Non-Violent Communication (NVC) to empower her clients through forgiveness exercises, guided meditation, self-awareness, release mindset blocks, and dietary awareness. These practices help guide her clients to cultivate long-lasting personal fulfillment through positive reinforcement. 

Deyna's long-time love and dedication in lighting the path for others has enriched and empowered the lives of many.  


"I can't thank you enough for everything. Your strength, words, and energy is something I will always carry with me. 

The words you just spoke mean the world to me. I've been told kind things but the love I heard from you were like any other.  

You're incredibly beautiful and powerful, and I am so happy you're able to use your gift to help others. 

Thank you for empowering me and giving me the confidence to love my anxiety"

A.S. Orlando

Proud BNI Member Since 2021
Director Consultant for SWGA
Region 2023
Member 2022- Present
Chapter Leader 2023
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