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14-Day Self-Love Challenge

February is a wonderful time to celebrate love and life! In honor of LOVE MONTH! I have put together a 14-day self-love challenge for you. This is 2 weeks of getting to know the wonderfulness that is YOU!

Jump out of your comfort zone and love yourself a little bit more. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit and allow yourself to grow. But most importantly HAVE FUN! If there is anything we have learned is that life is short.

So turn the radio up, sing that song, dance that dance, laugh till your cheeks hurt, and tell your

people you love them.

1. Declutter one area in your home

2. Make a healthy meal

3. Watch a funny movie

4. Write a letter and mail it to a family member

or friend telling them how much they mean to


5. Light some candles and take a relaxing shower

or hot bath

6. Journal 10 things (big or small, past or present)

you are grateful for

7. Treat yourself to something

8. Disconnect from social media for one full day

9. Play a board game/cards with friends or family

10. Spend time outdoors walking or gardening

11. Detox from sugar for one day

12. Make a list of people you love and why you

love them

13. Get dressed up

14. Perform a random act of kindness

After you have done these commit to one small thing you can do for yourself each day. Even if it is showing yourself some compassion, patience, and love.


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